Bicycle Blue Book

As the definitive bicycle valuation platform and marketplace in the United States, Bicycle Blue Book required a complete overhaul of their brand identity and website to showcase their standards and professionalism in a modern way. I carried out a full rebrand, website redesign, and brand new mobile app.

The Bicycle Blue Book logo was very outdated, overly busy, and not versatile enough. After much exploring and conceptualising—including monograms, wordmarks and symbols—we decided to stick with a similar direction as the old logo to convey the same message, but updated into a simple and modern version.

The Bicycle Blue Book website was also outdated and not as user-friendly as it could be. I am currently redesigning the UI/UX of this large-scale website to be clean, visually appealing, responsive, and—most importantly—easy to use.

Along with their updated website, Bicycle Blue Book also required me to design their new mobile app that would allow users to trade in their old bikes (an existing website feature converted into a convenient mobile app). I worked with their development team to create a simple, easy to use app that would make their customer's experience easier.